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Welcome!  Healthy Minds Happy Planet is the site of Certified Life Coach, Nancy J Hiller

  "Nancy’s wisdom is invaluable…she gets to the heart of the matter, enabling clients to feel empowered…. From there, it’s easy…I highly recommend her life coaching services!”  -Max Bolka,  Co-Author: Success Is A State Of Mind

There are free tools, tips, empowering questions and strategies for you along with products and services to help you to clear the path to your best life.  We have helped people recover from grief, lose weight, change careers, heal relationships and make remarkable transformations to higher levels of well-being.  Our mission is to assist you in creating your life -- one that meets or exceeds your vision of your happiest self......and in doing so, you will help us all realize our vision of a healthy, happy planet that works for everyone in it!

Her Coaching Clients Sing Her Praises

  • Max Bolka
    May 8, 2012

    "Nancy’s wisdom is invaluable…she gets to the heart of the matter, enabling clients to feel empowered…. From there, it’s easy…I highly recommend her life coaching services!” -Max Bolka, Co-Author: Success Is A State Of Mind
  • T. Maninna, Artist, Webinar Designer, CPA +

    I wanted to get to the root of my ‘blockages’ around money – prosperity. I felt it had to do with some old family issues and wanted to create a career making much more money with my painting than I had been able to do in 5 years. I ended up achieving a much greater income but, not with my painting – though it’s in a creative job that I hadn’t even thought about – I created the venue for and am now maintaining advertising and webinars for a yoga and spiritual center. I love it! And I have a steady income plus bonuses from the memberships that are coming in.
  • J. Brumbaugh, Wooster OH, Student, Musician+

    She is the best listener I have ever met and asks questions that just in themselves shifted my entire perspective. The answers she helped me to uncover have helped me shape a whole new life – new perspective -- for myself – and it’s so much more fun!
  • R. Saratan, Bern, Switzerland, Certified Life Coach and Family Counselor+

    Coaching with Nancy was beautiful! She is the best question maker I know. She helped me see the possibilities and what my heart really wanted rather than what my mind told me I should want. She is a wonderful coach.
  • C.Gerdeman, Columbus OH, Business Owner – Entrepreneur

    Nancy has helped me re-build my life from ground zero… to move forward and open to the deeper fuller part of myself (my higher self) for my answers. She is skillful at helping me guide through and past old guilts and preconceived ideas of what “should be”, to what my deepest desires truly are.
  • D. Brewer, Morehead City NC, Medical Technologist+

    I left a tumultuous relationship right after starting sessions with Nancy and now, it’s a whole new world. Really. I now have tools that keep me centered and remind me that other peoples’ attitudes have nothing to do with me. I don’t even WANT to fix or change them anymore, which is truly wonderful.
  • M. Gozdiff, Manchester, NH, Executive Trainer+

    Nancy really helped me develop techniques to keep me mindful, stop beating myself up and use that energy toward my own success. I have gotten a greater awareness and now can be kinder to myself -- I am kinder to others, too. Nancy is a thoughtful, caring, and brilliant coach. I highly recommend her services.


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